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HR Freelance

Setting start-up founders free from the HR legwork

I help start-up founders regain their time while knowing that everything on the people's side is taken care of.

Client Experiences

My clients experience greater productivity in their day-to-day and peace of mind knowing they have a solid HR foundation to take their company from start-up to scale-up.



Decrease the time spent on HR-related tasks and focus on what you love and do best.

Avoid Costly Problems

Employing a team requires regulatory compliance. You don't know what you don't know.



Delay hiring a full-time HR professional until the company is ready.



Attracting and retaining top talent should be unique to each start-up's needs.

HR Services for Your Start-up

Whether hiring your first employee or already having an established team, each start-up is unique.

The Basics (Compliance)


-Health & Safety

-Employee Records

*Ensures the company is complying with regulatory requirements.

Fractional HR

Receive full HR support for your growing team and know that everything is taken care of.

HR Templates

-Employment Agreements

-Employee Handbooks

-Job Descriptions

HRIS Implementation

Make data integrity a priority early on and reap the benefits during fundraising initiatives and strategic planning.

HR Framework

HR programs, systems, and processes are built specifically for your start-up and designed to make you stand out.

Additional Support

-Hiring & Recruiting

-Payroll & Benefits


What my clients have to say

About me

I'm Kristin, with an invisible 'e' at the end of my name because I was born in Germany, where language rules don't require an 'e' to make it Kristine. I love to travel, fitness, and enjoy an ice cream or three with my two kiddos and husband.

With over 15 years of experience working with small, scaling teams, my expertise is in building lean yet strong HR foundations that integrate with all parts of the business.

Having decided to leave a well-paying, full-time job in tech, I followed my passion for working with start-ups, establishing the core of HR, and allowing founders to focus on building a successful company.

"Hustle and heart will set you apart."

~Alisa Jacobs

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Let's set you free!

Book a free consultation or email me to discuss how I can remove your HR legwork.

HR software solutions to fit your business goals

BambooHR Partnership

BambooHR is the leading online HR software provider helping small and medium businesses elevate the value of their HR function. BambooHR’s intuitive interface, streamlined implementation process and responsive support team make it an obvious choice for HR software!

As a BambooHR Authorized Referral Partner, my clients experience quicker implementation times and reduced implementation fees.

Collage HR Partnership

Collage HR is an award-winning Canadian HRIS for SMBs that connects to the best benefits and payroll providers. It's all-in-one HR solution includes recruiting, digital on/offboarding, performance reviews, time off tracking, employee training and more - all for one affordable price.

Its optional Benefits and Payroll Sync shares employee data to existing providers to minimize client risk and eliminate duplicate data entry. 

Where Start-ups and Scale-ups Have it Wrong

In my experience, start-ups and scale-ups are missing one significant element to their company. Whether it’s a start-up that is still validating a product and searching for a scalable business model or a scale-up that has validated their assumption by proving that their product is economically sustainable, both overlook the importance of HR operations, resulting in a lack of focus in its founders, inefficiencies, and increased overhead costs.

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